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For the last 19 years, BvW Global continues to be a trusted procurement advisory, management consultancy and implementation partner to Australian Government Agencies and Corporations.

We assist our clients with partial or end-to-end projects within Procurement, Category Sourcing and Contract Negotiation, as well as Probity Roles to ensure Procurement Policies and Guidelines are adhered to. We work across the People, Process, Technology, Organisational Structure spectrum.

BvW Global is also an accredited Government supplier that supports Government Agencies with their procurement and sourcing initiatives.

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There are many ways organisations can reduce costs. BvW Global's focus is on the reduction of redundant costs to increase profit margins. Costs must be understood, measured and actioned in a logical approach. Failing to do so may add value to a single department only and not address cause and...
Some Government Agencies recognised an opportunity to harness market and industry expertise through an Innovative Supplier Engagement (ISE) framework. In the past, no avenue existed to respond and cater for the consistent submission and evaluation of vendor initiated proposals; as a result much of that knowledge remained untapped and/or...