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For the last 19 years, BvW Global continues to be a trusted procurement advisory, management consultancy and implementation partner to Australian Government Agencies and Corporations. We assist our clients with partial or end-to-end projects within Procurement, Category Sourcing and Contract Negotiation, as well as Probity Roles to ensure Procurement Policies and Guidelines are adhered to. We work across the People, Process, Technology, Organisational Structure spectrum. BvW Global is also an accredited Government supplier that supports Government Agencies with their procurement and sourcing initiatives. You can find BvW Global on the Buy.NSW Profile

Within many organisations a large volume of today’s purchasing requisitions volumes go through complex and possibly “unnecessary and lengthy” procurement processes.  By the time purchase requisitions reach Finance for invoice payment, many of those processes would have suffered an indeterminate business state, where no sequential set of defined and standardised...
This paper considers the limitations of existing technologies and introduces the concept of ‘Person Centric Technology’ (PCT). We believe this concept has the potential to change the way outsource services in general, not just procurement, are deployed. PCT, along with a highly personalised approach to systems, process and information delivery, will...
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