Procurement Tenders for Government Agencies


Procurement Tenders within Government Agencies must follow specific rules and procedures to ensure process equity for all tenderers. BvW Global is an accredited Procurement Consulting provider for NSW Procurement so we are well aware of the policies and guidelines Agencies must abide by.

Once the rules are respected, there are many ways to engage the market in a tender exercise depending on the complexity of a product or service, the internal level of knowledge, the market capabilities, the risk levels, and the value sought over the contract life cycle – all the way to contract and/or product/services decommissioning.

BvW Global work with Agencies to define a strategy that will ensure of both value and category management is achieved via a well-defined buyer-supplier(s) relationship.

Our approach is to first establish a Governance Framework to assess internal needs and intended value to the final recipient / customer. We will then assess the market against internal knowledge to devise a go-to-market strategy.

Based on the internal knowledge, complexity, and level of risks our approach may be a combination of the following go-to-market approaches:

  • Typical One-Step Tender Request (RFT);
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) to Request for Proposal (RFP);
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) to Request for Information (RFI) to Request for Proposal (RFP);
  • Request for Information (RFI) to Request to Request for Proposal (RFP);
  • Innovative & Collaborative Supplier(s) Engagement via BvW Global’s Proprietary Methodology.

These sample combinations have intended and well-defined objectives, and serve to deliver against the initial go-to-market strategy.

BvW Global’s unique go-to-market strategy uses a 12-cornerstones benchmark to ensure an ‘All-Inclusive Tender Process Compliance’ and that all the elements necessary to provide value to an Agency have been considered.

Please contact us to discuss the products or services you wish to tender and let us assist you with the optimal go-to-market strategy or full tender process support for your project.


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