Trading Partners Management


The next phase in today’s business world is to improve how customers, suppliers and business partners conduct business with one another. In order to do so, a number of vital steps must occur.

  • A common necessity;
  • A mutual benefit;
  • Process visibility & collaboration;
  • Process alignment between two organisations;
  • Common standards such as products & services classification (UNSPSC, GPC);
  • Technology alignment;
  • Enabling technologies.

B2B Adoption Programmes and the creation of Collaborative Value Chain™ (CVC™) are aimed at increasing the Extended Enterprise Profitability through better communication, exchange of information, process collaboration, and trust development.

“The future of improvement requires trading partners to work jointly toward a common goal.”

Our team can assist you in identifying where ‘value’ lies dormant in your “Extended Enterprise” and create with you a strong cost/benefits business case to be shared with your most valued Trading Partners — the goal being to maintain or increase the participants profit margins whilst reducing the overall costs in the value chain.

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