Business Case – Achieving Saving on Price Variances using an e-Procurement Technology


cLIENT CHALLENGE – Reduce pricing of products and procurement time across differently owned and operated using e-business solutions which can easily connect with suppliers, resulting in increased profitability for hotels.

This hotel chain decided to pilot an eProcurement technology in conjunction with services from BvW Global to better understand the process of eliminating process inefficiencies. BvW Global embarked on performing a spend analysis which resulted in consolidating the products being purchased that had similar properties.

BvW Global was able to assist this client in demonstrating a significant saving on prices variances using an e-procurement technology.

Introduction of outsourced managed services through BvW Global’s Supply Management Centre (SMC).

Based on a large spend level, the SMC allows financial controllers to introduce guaranteed savings to the income statement using BvW Global consultative approach to Procurement Outsourcing via its SMC Managed Services.

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