Collaborative Project Governance Framework


Collaborative Project Governance Framework is the management framework within which project decisions are made. The establishment of a project related “Governance Environment” is a critical element of any project, small or large, simple or complex. A well defined Project Governance across executive, managerial, staff, suppliers and other parties with defined roles and responsibilities will dictate the success of your project, speed of decision making, as well as risk mitigation activities.

BvW Global’s Collaborative Project Governance Framework (CPGF) define roles and responsibilities of all members including decision time frames and escalation procedures, regardless of a person’s existing company position. The CPGF acts as a business within a business with the sole purpose being the success delivery of the project at hand.

An example of a CPFG would include:

  • Core Project Team
  • Steering Committee Team
  • Sourcing Team
  • Expert Reference Team

This approach has proven very successful within a Government environment where multiple approvals are generally required. It ensures a well thought-out project approach, faster decision making, risk mitigation, and a project within time frame and within budget.

On large and complex project, we may also introduce a CPGF within each team function.

“On large and complex project, we may also introduce a CPGF within each team function.”



Please contact us to see if the Collaborative Project Governance Approach can be implemented as part of your upcoming project, or be activated to redress an existing project.


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