Outsourcing the Procurement Ordering Process


Imagine the benefits of being able to ‘requisition’ your items without having to manage a complex series of procurement business rules, segregation of duties, escalation procedures, sourcing, managing contracts and suppliers.

This is possible with outsourcing your procurement function but retaining access to goods and services requisition capabilities.

Approved items are made available via an online catalogue to each endorsed buyers that have specific approved business rules associated to them.

In the background, the outsourcing provider ensures availability of suppliers, quick turn-around times, and closed-loop delivery notifications + manage all the technology and suppliers contracts and performance of behalf of its clients.

This approach ensures that you can benefit from volume pricing without having to worry about going to market, setting up contracts, items nomenclature, managing suppliers or extracting data to create your spend reports. It’s all done for you!

Contact us for more information outlining the categories of spend you might be interested in trialing.

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