Outsourcing the Tender & Sourcing Process


Asuccessful tender and sourcing process involves a number of steps to achieve the best value out of the market. Ultimately, your suppliers are an extension of the products and services you provide to your customers, and a poor selection will have long-term negative effect on the perception of your organisation and/or brand.

For many organisations, the tendering process is not a core function with a dedicated team that exists. Going to market for new products or services, or better prices involve a lot more than some bullet points specifications in your documentation.

In some cases, staff need to follow strict guidelines and procedures – which is specially true for Government Agencies.

BvW Global can manage the entire process on your behalf should you choose to outsource that activity to us. Our needs assessment and go-to-market methodology has delivered millions dollars savings to our clients.

We assist organisations from the initial needs assessment to change management activities required for a successful supplier engagement process (for new suppliers) or a re-training for existing suppliers that need to follow our Performance Management Frameworks.

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