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    Procurement Consultants for Australian Government Agencies and Corporations

    since 2001, BvW Global continues to provide Government Agencies with procurement projects assistance from strategy to implementation.

    We assist Agencies with partial or end-to-end projects within Procurement, Category Sourcing and Contract Negotiation, as well as Probity Roles to ensure Procurement Policies and Guidelines are adhered to. We are also on the preferred panel supplier list to prepare Agencies for Procurement Accreditation; we also provide Procurement Accreditation.

    We support Agencies acting as consultants and/or extended project resources, by providing internal procurement capabilities at department levels for go-to-market and sourcing projects. We also act as independent probity adviser roles to ensure procurement rules are followed, risk are being mitigated, and Government Policies are adhered to.

    Projects examples (but not limited to) include:

    1. Annual Agency Procurement Plan (APP) on NSW e Tendering listing agency’s strategic planned procurements activities for the forthcoming financial year;
    2. Procurement, Sourcing, Internal Business Cases, Go-to-Market Strategies, Innovation within Procurement;
    3. Simple to Complex Go-to-Market Tenders;
    4. Setting up of Suppliers Panel(s);
    5. Procurement Implementation of Ministerial Directives related to Services, Products, and IT;
    6. Category Sourcing for Services, Products, and IT;
    7. Negotiation and Contract Drafts working with your internal Legal Department;
    8. Category Management over the life of the contract;
    9. We implement Procurement Management Framework to monitor and manage new or existing procurement initiatives from initial sourcing to renewal or decommissioning;
    10. We also assist Agencies with a full review and preparation for Procurement Accreditations, including skilling up internal resources;
    11. Finally we act as Probity, Risks Mitigation, and Project Quality Assurances.

    BvW Global supports Agencies acting as consultants and/or extended project resources, by providing internal procurement capabilities at department levels for go-to-market and sourcing projects.

    BvW Global practitioners live the BvW Global philosophy, that is – an unconditional level of support to:

    1. Help our clients identify sources of improvements, implement them, and monitor them over the life of the project or contract;
    2. Personally coach / mentor client project team members; and
    3. Share and transfer relevant knowledge to client personnel. Our approach is to ensure full transfer of knowledge during a project in order to grow the internal skills levels and / or procurement capabilities of your Agency and Department.

    “Our client approach is collaborative to ensure buy-in from all internal stakeholders.”

    Our client and project approach is collaborative to ensure buy-in from all internal stakeholders, or where permitted, industry and/or supplier consultations. According to the type of project, a project structure is put in place that will include roles and responsibilities at all levels, from Executives to Staff and Project Members. This approach has proven very successful in environments that are complex, where multiple stakeholders buy-in is required, or within complex projects where little information is known prior to going to market.

    BvW Global is a preferred supplier under the Pre-qualification Performance Management Scheme 0005 and is accredited under the following Work Types and procurement related projects (e.g. supply chain, tender management, purchase to pay systems, structure & staffing to support function).

    Work Type 342 – Infrastructure and Major Projects
    C. Major Project Procurement and Delivery
    E. Communication

    Work Type 343 – Service Delivery Improvement
    Service Strategy and Planning

    Work Type 344 – Organisational Capacity
    Corporate and Business Strategy
    C. Business Process Improvement
    F. Financial Management
    G. Asset Management and Procurement
    K. Agency Procurement Assessment & Readiness (Goods and Services).

    Work Type 345 – General Technical Expertise
    Business Cases Development
    C. Contracts and Contracting
    D. Project Governance and Management

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