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Dynamic Procurement Audit

Dynamic Procurement Audit

The ultimate objective of a Dynamic Procurement Audit is to enable better, quicker and higher profit decision making that will benefit the organisation's customers....
centralised vs decentralised procurement

Centralised Procurement vs Decentralised Procurement

Questions that should be answered to build a business case for the optimal procurement structure (centralised vs. decentralised procurement) within your organisation. There are a...
innovative supplier engagement

Innovative Supplier Engagement

Some Government Agencies recognised an opportunity to harness market and industry expertise through an Innovative Supplier Engagement (ISE) framework. In the past, no avenue...
procurement savings

Achieving Procurement Savings

Achieving Procurement Savings. What do you believe are the most important activities for Procurement in an organisation to achieve savings? Creating short-term savings initiatives...
Strategically Sourcing Suppliers

Strategically Sourcing Suppliers and Commodities

Here are some of the critical areas to consider when strategically sourcing suppliers and commodities, before making choices that will impact how your business unit and/or organisation...